#1 best selling author

“Fearless Female Leaders”

Embark on a journey of empathy, empowerment, and transformation with my #1 bestselling book, “Fearless Female Leaders.” 

What does fearlessness look like? For many women who are leading it means being a lone wolf and facing challenges that no one ever hears about. They often carry it all alone. Fearless Female Leaders shares the stories of women who, through their own journeys, have found their way to leadership and fulfillment while having fear as their constant companion.

Fearless Female Leaders are bold and unapologetic and they have faced their biggest fears and failures with grace and dignity. As you read these powerful, soul stirring stories, you will remember the many times you have done the same. May your passion and purpose be ignited through their words as you remember how fearless you are.


Dr. Alexandra McDermott
Jae Wilcox
Jessica Stroud
Kelly Oberle
Dr. Lauren Petrea
Anna Rodgers
Caroline Lewis
Celeste Corsaro
Charmaine Neighbors
Jocelyn Mitchell
Tara Hynes
Adriana Monique Alvarez


Unleashing Your Inner Power


Nurturing Self-Love


Authentic Leadership


Recognizing universal silent battles


Embracing Vulnerability


Enhancing Intuition


Harmonizing the human Energies


Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

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